Exhibition Opportunities



We invite you to be involved in the ECIR 2017 conference by taking advantage of one of our exhibition opportunities:

Exhibitors (unmanned)

£450.00 + VAT


Exhibitors (manned x 1)

£555.00 + VAT


Exhibitors (manned x 2)

£715.00 + VAT


Exhibitors (manned x 3)

£875.00 + VAT


The Venue

All catering during the refreshment breaks will be served in the Exhibition Area to encourage the flow of delegates and to maximise the networking opportunities for the exhibiting companies. 

Exhibition Hours

It is expected that exhibition displays will remain for the duration of the conference, from Monday to Thursday inclusive.    

Shell Scheme

ECIR 2017 is offering one standard stand size, 2m x 3m made up of a shell scheme.

What is included in your package: A carpeted area with 2.5m high Module shell scheme of grey Velcro compatible infill panels with aluminium components, fascia board detailing stand number and name, two 120w spotlights, one 500w socket (suitable for a plasma/laptop), one table and two chairs (please note the table provided will be a trestle table.  The inside measurements of the shell scheme panels to which graphics can be applied are 2350mm x 955mm.

Fascia panel wording: The Official Contractors will produce the fascia name panels in a standard font.  Logos and slogans cannot be included. Please complete and return FORM B to advise of the correct wording for your company. If no form is received the fascia panel will be produced using the company name as it appears on the booking form.

Fixings: Shell scheme panels should be carefully treated to avoid damage and care should be taken when mounting display panels. Only Velcro is permitted to fix materials to stand panels – loop Velcro onto panels. No fixings of any sort should be made onto the aluminium. Any damage caused to panels or aluminium by the use of any other adhesives will incur a charge to the exhibitor.

Height limitations: No stand fitting or display feature on shell scheme stands may exceed 2.5m in height. If in any doubt please contact the Official Contractors (details on page 1).

Risk assessment: Exhibiting companies ordering space only stands (i.e. those without shell scheme must submit a risk assessment to the ECIR conference secretariate for submission to the AECC’s Exhibition Team for their approval as well as that of the local authorities.