Demos & Short Papers

List of Demo Papers

  1. Stefan Feyer, Sophie Siebert, Bela Gipp, Akiko Aizawa and Joeran Beel. Integration of the Scientific Recommender System Mr. DLib into the Reference Manager JabRef
  2. Christophe Van Gysel, Evangelos Kanoulas and Maarten de Rijke. Pyndri: a Python Interface to the Indri Search Engine
  3. Ankesh Anand, Tanmoy Chakraborty and Amitava Das. FairScholar: Balancing Relevance and Diversity for Scientific Paper Recommendation
  4. Robert Gaizauskas, Ahmet Aker, Emma Barker, Adam Funk, Monica Lestari Paramita and Mark Hepple. The SENSEI Overview of Newspaper Readers' Comments
  5. Fedelucio Narducci, Pierpaolo Basile, Pasquale Lops, Marco De Gemmis and Giovanni Semeraro. Temporal Semantic Analysis of Conference Proceedings
  6. Prateek Goel, Ivan Giangreco, Luca Rossetto, Claudiu Tanase and Heiko Schuldt. "Hey, vitrivr!" – A Multimodal UI for Video Retrieval
  7. Ameer Albaham, Maram Hasanain, Marwan Torki and Tamer Elsayed. QweetFinder: Real-time Finding and Filtering of Question Tweets

List of Short Papers

  1. Eddy Maddalena, Stefano Mizzaro and Kevin Roitero. Do Easy Topics Predict Effectiveness Better Than Difficult Topics?
  2. Kai Hui and Klaus Berberich. Low-Cost Preference Judgment via Ties
  3. Mozhdeh Ariannezhad, Ali Montazeralghaem, Hamed Zamani and Azadeh Shakery.  Iterative Estimation of Document Relevance Score for Pseudo-Relevance Feedback
  4. Thanh Vu, Dat Quoc Nguyen, Mark Johnson, Dawei Song and Alistair Willis. Search Personalization with Embeddings   
  5. Parth Gupta and Jose Santos, Learning to classify inappropriate query-completions
  6. Alexandros Bampoulidis, Joao Palotti, Mihai Lupu, Jon Brassey and Allan Hanbury Does Online Evaluation Correspond to Offline Evaluation in Query Auto Completion?
  7. Harsh Jhamtani, Rishiraj Saha Roy and Niyati Chhaya. Leveraging Site Search Logs to Identify Missing Content on Enterprise Webpages
  8. Jayendra Barua and Dhaval Patel.Named Entity Classication using Search Engine's Query Suggestion      
  9. Fatih Hafizoglu, Emre Can Kucukoglu and Ismail Sengor Altingovde. On the Efficiency of Selective Search
  10. Rami Alkhawaldeh, Joemon Jose, Deepak P and Fajie Yuan. LTRo: Learning to Route Queries in Clustered P2P IR
  11. Manisha Verma and Emine Yilmaz.  Search Costs vs User Satisfaction on Mobile   
  12. Jarana Manotumruksa, Craig Macdonald and Iadh Ounis.  Matrix Factorisation with Word Embeddings for Rating Prediction on Location-Based Social Networks
  13. Nawal Ould Amer, Philippe Mulhem and Mathias Géry. Personalized Parsimonious Language Models for User Modeling in Social Bookmaking Systems
  14. Anil Sriharsha Bandhakavi, Jeremie Clos, Nirmalie Wiratunga and Guillaume Cabanac.  Emotional Reaction Prediction in Social Networks
  15. Andrea Ceroni, Ujwal Gadiraju and Marco Fisichella. JustEvents: A Crowdsourced Corpus for Event Validation with Strict Temporal Constraints     
  16. Moumita Basu, Anurag Roy, Kripabandhu Ghosh, Somprakash Bandyopadhyay and Saptarshi Ghosh. A Novel Word Embedding Based Stemming Approach for Microblog Retrieval
  17. Ganesh J, Manish Gupta and Vasudeva Varma. Improving Tweet Representations using Temporal and User Context
  18. Abdelhamid Chellal, Mohand Boughanem and Bernard Dousset.   Word Similarity Based Model for tweet stream prospective notification
  19. Yu-Hsiang Huang, Hen-Hsen Huang and Hsin-Hsi Chen. Irony Detection with Attentive Recurrent Neural Networks
  20. Ankesh Anand, Tanmoy Chakraborty and Noseong Park. We used Neural Networks to Detect Clickbaits: You won't believe what happened Next!
  21. Jose Alberto Esquivel, Dyaa Albakour, David Corney, Samir Moussa and Miguel Martinez. On the Long-tail Entities in News
  22. Hossein Rahmati. Negative Feedback in the Language Modeling Framework for Text Recommendations
  23. Monica Lestari Paramita and Paul Clough.   A Lightweight Approach to Identify Cross-Lingual Similarity in Wikipedia
  24. Javid Dadashkarimi, Mahsa S.  Shahshahani, Amirhossein Tebbifakhr, Heshaam Faili and Azadeh Shakery.  Dimension Projection among Languages based onPseudo-relevant Documents for Query Translation
  25. Panthadeep Bhattacharjee and Amit Awekar. Batch Incremental Shared Nearest Neighbor Density Based Clustering Algorithm for Dynamic Datasets
  26. Siddhesh Khandelwal and Amit Awekar. Faster K-Means Cluster Estimation
  27. Corina Florescu and Cornelia Caragea. A New Scheme for Scoring Phrases in Unsupervised Keyphrase Extraction
  28. Faisal Alvi, Mark Stevenson and Paul Clough. Plagiarism Detection in Texts with Obfuscated Homoglyphs
  29. Yumeng Qin, Dominik Wurzer, Victor Lavrenko and Cunchen Tang. Counteracting Novelty Decay in First Story Detection
  30. Luca Soldaini and Nazli Goharian. Learning to Rank for Consumer Health Search: a Semantic Approach
  31. Arman Cohan, Allan Fong, Nazli Goharian and Raj Ratwani. A Neural Attention Model for Categorizing Patient Safety Events
  32. Marcin Skowron, Florian Lemmerich, Bruce Ferwerda and Markus Schedl. Predicting Genre Preferences from Cultural and Socio-economic Factors for Music Retrieval
  33. Shuo Zhang and Krisztian Balog. Design Patterns for Fusion-Based Object Retrieval
  34. Eric Müller, Matthias Springstein and Ralph Ewerth. "When was this picture taken?" - Image Date Estimation in the Wild
  35. Nikolaos Aletras and Arpit Mittal. Labeling Topics with Images using a Neural Network